100% Aloe Gel with Chamomile and Bisabolol.  200 ml

Calms, moisturizes, refreshes and reduces irritation symptoms, while regenerate and repairs skin cells.


  • Gel Aloe 100% enriched with Camomile and Bisabolol: Calms, moisturizes, refreshes and reduces irritations while regenerating skin cells: Moisturizes and relieves the skin irritation. An Aloe Vera concentrate with spectacular moisture and renewal properties

    • Applied on the skin. Immediately calms the feeling of skin irritation caused by the sun, minor burns, shaving, waxing, dried skin and laser treatments. Adjuvant in treatments for psoriasis, acne, or dermatitis
    • Applied on the hair. Moisturizes, eliminates frizzy hair and naturaly maintains the hairstyle, without causing dandruff or hair loss (free of alcohol, oils and silicones)
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