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Nourishes, repairs and moisturizes

    • It provides hydration and softness to the skin without resorting to non-biodegradable silicone agents that leave residues.
    • Nourishes and repairs.
    • Dramatically reduces the loss of transepidermal water (dehydration).
    • Increase the level of hydration by 60%.
    • It provides hydration and manageability.
    • Avoid frizz.
    • Repairs and prevents damage caused by the sun, cold, pollution/pollution, and external agents such as dryer, irons, and/or dyes.
    • Softens and restores shine to the skin and hair with symptoms of dehydration, weakness, or aging.
    • Recommended by Midwives Specialists for perineal/prenatal massage.
    • It helps regenerate and moisturize the skin/scars.
    • Rapid absorption


    • Organic oils of Açai and Argan with great anti-oxidant power
    • Sunflower oil with abundance of Omega 3,6 and 9
    • A perfume mixing orange blossom and allergen-free Ylang-Ylan
  • How to use

    On the skin , apply with clean skin by massaging to facilitate its penetration. Leave on without removing.

    In the hair , especially indicated for dry  or very dry hair , apply on ends and leave for a few hours.

    • Alternatively it can be applied before bedtime (stockings and tips) and leave on overnight.
    • In both cases it is recommended to always wash next, since they are 100% natural oils.
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