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Premium hydration: Hydrates, reaffirms, lightens and defends the skin, reducing spots and wrinkles

It contains stabilized Vitamin C, saffron stem cells, mixed hyaluronic acid. Natural prebiotic for the skin.
  • Firmness and repair.
  • Tensor effect.
  • Action de-pigmentation and enlightening.
  •  Continuous hydration and re-densification.
  •  Biodefense and anti-inflammatory protection.
  • Immediate action. High tolerance, anti-inflammatory.


    • 25 million of Saffron stem cells per container
    • Hyaluronic acid
    • Stabilized Vitamin C
    • Natural Prebiotic: anti- free radicals, antioxidants
  • How to use

    Apply to clean and dry skin alone or as a "booster", for synergistic action on creams.

    The Serum Booster can be applied as many times as we want on the skin (in some countries 7 layers are applied).

    Then use the usual cream if desired and do not forget protection if you are going to have a sun exposure.

    Oil free Unisex .

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