Sambhala Excellence is a food supplement based on Omega3 fatty acids , Vitamins , Minerals and other antioxidants with efficacy demonstrated by scientific research against cell aging.

Its high concentration of antioxidants, Omega 3, Zinc and Essential Cofactors, in addition to its poor saturated fat content, make Sambhala Excellence a different and unique food supplement in the fight against aging.


  • VITAMIN C promotes the formation of natural COLLAGEN in SKIN
  • ZINC favors the maintenance of NAIL, SKIN and HAIR.
  • It contributes to the normal functioning of the HEART, BRAIN and VISION ( DHA and EPA).
  • Its antioxidants have proven efficacy against  cell aging.
  • It helps the immune system to improve the body's defenses and protection.
  • Strengthens defenses  against free radicals and UVA rays.


    • Sirtulinus®: Combination resulting from the anti-oxidants with the highest efficiency proven by scientific research against aging. Repairs the damaged DNA, enlarging the cell life and slowing down aging.
    • Resveratrol: Main enhancer of sirtuin enzymes, those that make the cell work on the useful gens and muffles the unuseful, but if any of the useful is damaged, it repairs it and protects it against oxidation. Also, they are DNA anti-oxidants together with melatonin. In addition, resveratrol is a caloric restriction mimetics (CRM) which avoid suffering heart illnesses.
    • Vitamin C: (50% CDR) Ascorbic acid improves vasodilatation, high anti-oxidant.
    • Vitamin E: (50% CDR) It is the most used anti-oxidant at general level.
    • Coenzyme Q10: Powerful anti-oxidant
    • Selenium: (50% CDR) Micro-nutrient which, apart of anti-oxidant, is anti-aggregate and provides elasticity to tissues.
    • Punica Granatum: Vitamins C, B1 ,B2, B3, A, E, Magnesium, Copper, Zinc, Potassium and Calcium.
    • Ellagic Acid: Powerful anti-oxidant that also acts as efficiently in cardiovascular prevention.
    • Magnesium: Essential micronutrient for the body.
    • Zinc: (50% CDR) Necessary micronutrient for the body as it is a fixing co-factor essential for the good performance.
    • Omega 3, 6 and 9 (262,5 mg Omega 3): Essential fatty acid with an important role in the neurologic and immunologic systems. The incorporation of essential fatty acids help maintain proper cholesterol levels.
  • The intake of 1 capsule daily is recommended. Do not exceed the indicated dose.

    Food supplements should not be used as substitutes for a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of the reach of children. Store tightly closed in a cool dry place.


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